Building for over 25 years, APJbuilder has an impeccable reputation and collaborates with some of the most discerning world renown architects, landscape architects, designers and clients.  APJbuilder offers a personal building experience with a dedicated site manager and daily site visits.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer value with modern design and state-of-the-art materials, all the while keeping sacred our clients distinctive tastes and specifications coupled with superior craftsmanship.

APJbuilder has cultivated long-standing quality relationships with our subcontractors, vendors and suppliers.  We are proud of those relationships with true craftsmen founded on a mutual devotion to integrity, quality and service and we consider them  an integral part of our success.  Whether we are building a traditional or modern design or customizing anything in between, APJbuilder considers our clients experience, our clients trust and executing our clients vision paramount.  

At APJbuilder we pride ourselves on being the master of sourcing materials, identifying the best cost-effective techniques and using up-to-the-minute technology to build our clients a superlative home of distinction.

We have a philosophy of professionalism and perfectionism when it comes to detail and an emphasis on seamless communication centered on listening to our clients .